Napa Valley Cast Stone

Select Cast Series streamlined and systemized paver, wall- and pier-cap products. Their products are used across the country for a wide range of customers, including high-profile buildings, like the Belagio in Las Vegas, to average residential homes.

The Carrot

The Carrot is re-inventing health care. With a robust platform that provides engaging, interactive content, and the framework for patients, doctors, coaches and providers to interact and share securely.


Qumu is the leading business video platform provider. A family of tools including, software, hardware and services enables businesses to create presentations and webcasts and distribute them securely.



Power grid stabilization through voluntary automated energy reduction.

Akuacom provides technology solutions to help solve the excessive demand on the power grid. They work closely with energy providers, offering businesses cost savings for volunteering automatic reduction in energy usage. Businesses benefit with cost savings from the energy companies, and from helping the environment.

Media Publisher

Video creation and distribution for large organizations

Media publisher makes it easier to create, manage and deliver video for large corporations. Security and performance requirements in the enterprise space make consumer-grade solutions unacceptable.