What we do

We provide dynamic graphic solutions for businesses.

Strategic Planning & Research

Do you know exactly what you want? Through research, discussion, brainstorming and diagramming, we’ll help clarify your goals and get your project on the right track.

Websites/Web Apps

Are you are looking for a small corporate site or a robust online store? Whatever the case, we’ll create a clean-code site that has backend tools allowing you to edit the content yourself. Our sites are search-engine optimized and ajax-enabled, with a plethora of optional functionality that can be added, including:

  • Social Tools (Including user profiles and group interactions)
  • Calendars and Scheduling
  • Access Control Systems (software distribution, role-based privledges)
  • 3rd-party Integrations (i.e. Salesforce)
  • User-based dynamic content
  • and more…

User Interfaces (UX)

What does your target audience want? We’ll look at what you can do, then design the experience for your target audience from their prospective. This is a critical process that many companies miss. Often, engineers will create powerful tools based on the capabilities of their systems. Without insight into the user though, these systems can be clunky, worthless, or even detrimental to the user. We’ll add that minor tweak that makes your offering shine.

Mobile Apps

We’ll diagram and mock-up a complete mobile experience, whether you’re looking for a utility, game, or content environment.

Printed Design & Campaign Coordination

Whether you need a single ad or a full event campaign, we’ll manage all aspects of the process, including printing. We will establish a brand, design all required pieces, intergrate any required data, provide proofs, and manage production. Typical printed projects include: catalogs, brochures, banners, mailings, booklets, sell sheets, booth graphics, etc…

Photo Manipulation & Illustration

Do you need the model to smile bigger? How about put that golfer underwater? We’ll do that. Depending on your needs, we can do a less-expensive version, or we can spend some extra time and make a highly-refined version.